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5 multi-sensorial exercises designed to stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for focus, memory, and self-control. Just $29!

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The Answer to Managing Anxiety and Depression Might Just Be Your Brain…
This simple course will give you 15 tools to help you rewire your nervous system so you can show up fully to the things that matter to you most. Just $29!

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Personal Sessions

When it comes to training the nervous system, we are all unique in what types and amounts of training we need to eliminate pain, improve performance, and achieve our goals. Personal Sessions are where the magic can happen. We can create specific drills, often “stacking” multiple drills into one, to give you the highest possible. Together we can create a program that is optimal and realistic for YOU in achieving your goals.  Schedule a FREE EXPLORER SESSION to get started!

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This 9-week course is designed for anyone interested in diving deeper into the material but not yet ready to invest in private sessions. Each week will offer education and skill development in the following subjects:
1) Introduction to Neuro Performance Training
2) Vision Training
3) Vestibular Training
4) Mobility and Proprioception
5) Breathing
6) Tongue, Viscera, and other Interoceptive work
7) Skin/Scar work
8) Neuromechanics (Nerve Glides) and Lymph
9) How to integrate this information into your life

Dates TBD (can be taught virtually)

“The Neurology of Presence” is a master class for performers to improve their work utilizing the power and the speed of the nervous system. The class begins with a brief explanation of the nervous system and how it works, as well as a first-hand experience of how even seemingly small injuries/deficiencies can create major roadblocks, especially when under the stress of performance. There will be a group work session highlighting drills commonly useful in managing performance anxiety, followed by 8 individual sessions. Each performer will present a brief (1 minute or less) song, monologue, etc. of their choosing, and then they will be given neuro-based drills to address their specific “neural needs.” These drills will be chosen based on a previously completed Health History Form, as well as things the instructor sees in the performance itself. The performer will then redo the piece (or a part of the piece), and we will see how the drills affect their performance! There will be time for Q&A at the end. 

Note: this will not be an acting or a singing class. We will not be discussing technique directly. We will be using monologues/songs as assessments to see how the impact of positively changing the instrument (your body) affects your ability to BE in the work. 

Dates and location TBD